My Reasons and Testimony

I’ve been a member of the Mormon religion since age 8, which is the earliest age at which a person can be baptized into the church.  My parents are LDS, their parents were LDS, and their parents were LDS all the way back to within a decade of the founding of the church on both sides.  I think there’s a lot of people with that kind of genealogy in Utah.

As a teenager I remember lots of times thinking “Yeah, right,” in reaction to some of the teachings I received.   People expressing faith on TV or online was enough to make me feel embarrassed by association.  The words “Prayer” and “lord” and similar words and phrases almost made me flinch with distaste.  I was pretty doubtful of a lot of things, and relied on what I already understood.  I completely disregarded the idea that there  might be more than what I understand.

Eventually I did something I thought was pretty extreme:  I tried to live the way that the church teaches us to live.  I thought that at least I could have the moral authority to say to people: “Nope, I’ve tried it and it didn’t work for me even if it works for you.”

And I found out that the church was absolutely right.  This is a happier way.  I feel good about life, even through the hard times.  It all started to get better as soon as I started to do what I had always been taught to do.

I started to realize that those embarrassing people who get up in front of the congregation or church and say “I know God lives,” weren’t crazy.  They weren’t being deceived or just repeating what they had heard.  They really knew it.  And I started to find it out for myself.  Today I can say with confidence that I also know that God is real and lives today.  I was pretty foolish to doubt everybody I knew just because I simply hadn’t experienced what they had.

Fervent believers still make me feel nervous.  My ground state of being is still one of doubt before belief.  But there are some things I have come to know for myself.  And I like to think that I’m always open to learning more than I knew before.

I do know that God lives.  I know that Jesus Christ atoned for the sins and sorrows of the world.   I know that Jesus Christ has restored his church to the earth in this day and time as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  I know that there are men selected by God to be prophets in this day.   I know the Book of Mormon and Bible are the words of God to man.  I know that God answers prayers, and loves us all.

I decided to make this page because I want to contribute to the positive resources online for information about the church.  I think that it’s important to share what I know and have experienced with anybody who might be searching for it.

2 comments on “My Reasons and Testimony
  1. I had the exact same experience growing up…where some people tend to “fall out” of the church…I guess I “fell in”. I’m excited to read your writings here.

  2. This is an amazing testimony!

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