A Small Answer to Prayer

Last week I thought about how it had been 10 years since the day I entered the MTC and began my mission for the Mormon church. I thought about all the stories I collected over the course of my mission. How it became easy to see the hand of God in miraculous ways in my life when I was a missionary.

But then I thought about how I didn’t really feel I had many stories from after the mission.

I thought about how serving brings blessings. Service always brings blessings. There is no more sure-fire way to bring the Holy Ghost into your life, to bring miracles and blessings, and enlightenment, than to engage in service. And one of the best ways to serve is through missionary work. I thought about how I hadn’t really done any missionary work in the 8 years since my mission.

With that thought in my mind, I went to my knees and asked if I could be blessed with opportunities to serve, and for the blessing of witnessing small and large miracles as I do so.

Message Received

Well, that was a week ago. I forgot about why I had suddenly wanted to start praying for chances to serve or share the gospel, but I made an effort to do so. Tonight I had the chance to go with the missionaries on “exchanges.” While I was inclined to bow out with the normal “too busy” excuse, I remembered how I had been asking for opportunities to serve. With that in mind, I did my best cheerful face and went to drive the missionaries around for an hour or so.

Our first visit was to somebody who the missionaries told me was having a hard time coming to church, but wanted to have her eight year old get baptized. The bishop had asked the missionaries to talk to her and give her the “basics” of the church.

When this young mother opened the door she saw me and looked shocked.

Undaunted, I shook her hand and introduced myself. She said “Yes, I know. I was friends with your little sister.”

Beating the Odds

missionary workUnderstand that my family has just moved to Las Vegas – a city of 1.8 million – just a month ago. My home town, on the other hand, was a town of about 3000, of whom only about 300 were in high school together at any one time.

Also understand that this was the first time standing with missionaries in 8 years. And that they didn’t know me at all. They didn’t know her either.

This meeting was not a coincidence.

I was blessed to be able to relieve the awkwardness of introductions for the missionaries by talking with this wonderful lady for quite a while about our common connections, what we had been doing since the town, and mutual friendships. I was able to talk about what it’s like living in the city and having young kids.

I don’t know what the future missionary meetings will involve or develop into for this family, but I am grateful for the answer to my prayer which came as I finally put on the nametag again (metaphorically speaking) and served.


Greg is a business owner, writer, husband and father. (not in that order, though.)

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