Church Thoughts 1: Forgiveness.

I thought it might be good if I took some time to document the thoughts and feelings I experienced in church each week.  I hope I remember to do it frequently.

Today speakers in sacrament meeting spoke on forgiveness.  The lessons in our classes were also on this topic. 

One speaker said that we “often feel that forgiveness is a mountain,” and the peak is so far away and so difficult to reach that it’s unlikely to ever even be achieved.  So we give up.  This is another tool of Satan – to get us to give up.  What we fail to realize (and here we’ve started into my own thoughts and feelings) is that only Jesus Christ stands at the top of the peak of perfection.  He never stepped down.  When we so much as start out on that path, onward and upward – to the light, He is free to forgive us.  As intercessor, Jesus Christ can provide for our complete forgiveness even before we’ve reached that same summit of perfection as He.  I believe all he requires is our effort.

The point, I guess, is that we don’t have to reach the peak.  The peak is perfection and it’s truly distant – but forgiveness is to be had in the journey.  All we need to do is make the effort, and in doing so we will discover the distance to that pinnacle who is Christ is lessened.  Someday we will all kneel truly at his feet.



Greg is a business owner, writer, husband and father. (not in that order, though.)

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