The Mormon Tabernacle Choir happens to be across the hall from my lab right now.  They’re doing their rehearsal for the performance this evening.  This got me thinking about music.

I remember being in a large choir once, singing “Joseph Smith’s First Prayer.”  At one point in the music I had to stop singing because the emotions within me were so overwhelming.  I hadn’t been expecting it, nor seeking any special kind of “confirmation” of the truth of the witness of Joseph Smith, but I received a strong confirmation at that moment that the testimony of Joseph Smith was true.

Today I snuck into the concert hall as they rehearsed.  I wasn’t looking for anything – just wanting to hear how the music sounded.  What I recieved was a blast of emotion and again that firm confirmation that this church is led by Christ and that He is aware of me and loves me will all of his soul. 

What a great blessing is music when used rightly.  How powerful it is!  Usually a person has to be in the right frame of mind to receive from the Lord, but music can help us immediately into the receptive way of thinking, pondering, and seeking.  Likewise, other kinds of music can keep us indefinitely from the promptings of the Holy Spirit, deadening our spiritual senses and flooding our minds with preventative filth.

I’m glad for the chance to experience this.   And I’m grateful that sometimes listening to music can be powerful enough to be rightly called an experience.


Greg is a business owner, writer, husband and father. (not in that order, though.)

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